Create stunning time lapse videos.

Project-based flexibility, 2 capture modes, manually adjustable camera settings, external import, and more packed into one app.

Image-based capture,

Project-based flexibility.

Velocity Lapse captures images, not just a video, giving you full control over your time lapse.

Delete mistake images
Someone walk through the camera’s view during capture? Your whole time lapse isn’t ruined. Simply select and delete unwanted frames in the editor.
Re-export as needed
Projects allow you to export your time lapse as video however many times you need with different quality, bit-rate, and frame rate.
Edit images externally
Simply export your time lapse as JPG images. You have the freedom to edit and adjust them either with another app or external software on your PC.

Capture your time lapses

with features that help you get the most out of your phone camera.

Manual camera controls

Manually control your device camera ISO, shutter speed, focus, and zoom. (Or, just use auto.)

*Requires device support. Manual white balance is not yet supported.

Resolution up to sensor size

Capture images up to your device camera’s sensor resolution or, use standard resolutions like HD, Full HD, 4K and more.

Exposure & focus lock

When using auto camera settings, you can set whether exposure and focus should be locked or unlocked during capture.

2 ways to capture.

Endless time lapse possibilities.

Timelapse Mode
Capture with a set interval
Automatically capture images at a set interval of up to 72 hours, with optional frame limit, time delay, camera controls, and more.
Capture skies, sunrises, sunsets, busy streets, remodeling, the night sky, plants growing, or anything else you can think of.
Manual Capture Mode
Capture over extended periods of time
Create time lapses of events happening over an extended period of time like the change of seasons, without leaving your device on location.
At each interval you choose, line up the preview with the previous image, capture an image, repeat.

Export up to 4K Ultra HD

High quality video or JPG images.

Resolution up to 4K
Export to 480p, 720p, 1080p or 4K H.264 MP4 video, with the option to crop or fit images that don’t have the same aspect ratio.
Bit-rate and frame rate control
Set video export quality (bit-rate up to 2000000 kbps) and frame rate from 1 to 30 fps.
Save as JPG images
Export your time lapse to JPG images in your device photo gallery.
*PRO unlocks 4K export on devices that support 4K video. Free version is limited to 1080p export.

Import images

into a new or existing time lapse project

Import images captured with another device such as your GoPro or DLSR camera as a new project or into an existing project. Export to video with the same options as a normal project.

*PRO unlocks unlimited import as a project and importing into an existing project. Free version is limited to importing 400 images.

Plus more features

to help you create time lapses

Optimized Interface
No need to turn your head sideways to read UI text. The app is optimized for both landscape and portrait orientations.
Save to SD card
Save captured frames to either internal or external (SD card) storage with PRO.
Preview playback
Watch a lower quality version of your time lapse at ~14fps with the editor playback feature
See final video duration
No need to guess the final video duration. The built-in calculator estimates final video duration and capture time.
Apply date/time stamp
Optionally apply a timestamp, date stamp or time/date stamp to each frame during capture and set the color and size.
Video gallery
Watch all your exported time lapse videos from the built-in video gallery with the ability to share and delete.

What will you time lapse?

Get Velocity Lapse for free and start capturing