Velocity Lapse time lapse app for Android.

The idea behind the app.

Velocity Lapse is an Android app to create time lapse videos, designed and developed by me, Noah Rahm (initially with some help and advice from another developer, @sundrycode).
The goal: to create the ultimate time lapse app for Android, so anyone from a beginner to professional can create stunning time lapse videos using their mobile device. (Think that’s a huge undertaking? —You’d be correct.)
Velocity Lapse is currently a side/passion project I work on, funded by sales of Velocity Lapse PRO. The app intentionally has no ads -just a single in-app purchase for more features.
My own passion for nature photography has given me the chance to test the app in a variety of scenarios. To date, I’ve captured 100+ nature time lapses while developing the app. Some are publicly available to watch on the official Velocity Lapse Instagram and YouTube channel.
Through creating this app and sharing the videos I’ve captured, I hope to inspire others to go out, be creative, and capture their own time lapse videos.

If you’d like to share a time lapses you’ve captured using Velocity Lapse, you can tag @velocitylapseapp on Instagram or send me an email. I enjoy seeing how people use the app.
Special thanks
Special thanks to my parents, siblings, friends, and numerous other individuals for their support and advice, making this app possible. Thanks to @sundrycode for which I am very grateful for his help developing portions of the Android native side of the app and taking part in testing.
All praise and glory to Yahweh, our Heavenly Father from whom all knowledge and every good thing comes.